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Tracker Technologies is a professional engineering company with a Business Development Unit located in Vint Hill, Northern Virginia, USA with clients around the world. We are involved in providing unique solutions and managing projects from small embedded systems to the complex planning of national business systems involving voice, data and multimedia on microwave, satellite, fibre optic and telco leased and dial-up facilities.

We provide the highest quality system design, engineering, training, licencing and certification.

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Systems Integration

System integration represents a very significant business segment in the US economy. The driving forces behind this growth are continued down-sizing of corporate engineering staffs, rapidly changing and increasingly sophisticated technology, and user desire for independent expertise and turn-key responsibility.

By bringing complex technologies together to provide compatibility and interoperability among different vendors' equipment and services, systems integration allows an organization to organize its investment in hardware, software, telecommunications, and people - essential to the ability to solve business problems. Tracker Technologies provides the expertise that can best align systems strategy with an organization's value proposition and operating model.

Tracker Technologies knows that every business and institution has unique characteristics and needs. We can help choose and implement the ideal solution for any working environment from what can be a bewildering array of options - application-ready turn-key systems. We specialize in objectively selecting Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) system solutions based on clients' actual needs, their budget, and the integration schedule.

This capability to integrate complex electronic systems complements the long established Tracker Technologies tradition in design and development.

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Project Management: We assist customers with design and the installation and configuration of tracking, navigation, and telecommunications equipment and systems. We will meet with in-company personnel to determine equipment and systems needs for integration with existing systems. We determine appropriate solutions for integration issues and review with in-company personnel for approval. We install, configure and test workgroup solutions and equipment required for integration with existing systems.
Equipment Procurement and installation: Equipment and service procurement is fast and efficient. Procurement includes equipment and supplies, hardware and software.

Technical Support: We monitor operations and schedule work on a non-interference basis. Appropriate action is taken when challenges arise. Once the issue has been identified, the appropriate personnel responsible for resolving the issue are contacted.

Change Management: We provide process re-engineering skills to change existing business processes to those required by the new system. We also provide training in meeting management, team building, and interpersonal skills to assist in the change management process.

  • Needs Analysis, Preliminary Design Review, Scheduling
  • Customer Review Sessions
  • Implementation, Post Project Audit
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Telecommunications Engineering

In today's rapidly evolving telecommunications market, solution providers are setting more aggressive goals for product development and delivery in order to remain competitive. TTracker Technologies has the ability to help customers achieve their market and business goals. Through the combination of state-of-the-art products, engineering consulting, and support services, Tracker Tech is able to provide customers with several important benefits, such as:

With over 20 years in the industry, Tracker Tecghnologies has the breadth and depth of experience in Telecommunications engineering that is impressive, particularly in high-value areas such as data and multimedia network integration - technologies that are the foundation for the next generation of telecommunications applications.

Tracker Technologies Portfolio

The cornerstone of Tracker Technologies service offerings is a portfolio of strategic engineering consulting and support services. Our Engineering Consulting service offers a full range of expertise, enabling partners and customers to develop best-of-breed products and maintain a competitive edge. Services include:
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Software Engineering

Tracker Technologies project teams provide complete project implementation services, from conception through end-product acceptance. We also contribute strategic consulting assistance as a subproject within an overall development program. Tracker Tech can offer a configuration of engineering service resources that dove-tails customers' specific needs, helping to identify new product cost and quality advantages quickly.

Product development starts with a precursor set of specifications, typically accompanied by a detailed set of assumptions. Teams are based in our Vancouver facility and are often a combination of employee engineers supplemented from a well-known pool of regularly used subcontract labor from throughout North America. The composition of the whole team is reviewed on a continuous basis to ensure that it is a useful match for the immediate needs of the project at that particular phase of development. Project management functions include day-to-day technical contact with the customer, generation of regular status reports and preparing for formal Preliminary Design Review and Customer Design Review meetings. The project development is typically brought to a logical conclusion by successful execution of acceptance test procedures jointly determined with the customer. Particular care is taken to ensure that, at the end of development, all applicable Intellectual Property can be transferred back to the customer organization in a seamless manner.

Architectural studies are often undertaken at the concept stage of a product's lifecycle, or where detailed specifications need to be derived from a basic set of design ideas. Senior engineering staff from Tracker Tech undertakes a rapid and highly specific analysis of issues related to product implementation. This often involves a review of available technology, trade-offs between different implementation approaches and may even include block diagram level design and BOM cost estimations. In most cases, the resulting report includes a full implementation project. Such projects are almost always based on a cost limited Time and Materials contract, allowing the scope and level detail to be managed by the customer in a very flexible way.

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Tracker Technologies offers professional mapping services including data collection, limited data conversion, database set up, and thematic mapping. Trained and experienced in all aspects of planning, developing and maintaining Geographic Information Systems, Tracker Tech can provide GIS solutions integrating raster and vector information from a variety of sources for resource management and urban/rural planning. We also have experience in satellite-image and aerial-photo analysis and interpretation.

Data Collection:

is collected using a variety of methods: GPS, address intersection, etc. Tracker Tech offers data collection services, and database develop for spatial data and its characteristics.

Data Conversion:

Thematic Mapping:

Generated for companies and organizations who seek relationships between different data.

Automated Scripts:
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Embedded Design Engineering

Bringing Technology To Life

Tracker Technologies Embedded Design is a leader in reliable innovative hardware and software solutions for smart, connected devices. Tracker Tech can provide a range of strategic options for customers that can accelerate the realization of product concepts and reduce the risk of failing to get them to market quickly. Embedded Design is built by a core team of experienced design professionals and is world class in engineering and design. Tracker Technologies offer more than just technology, we offer solutions to today's business challenges.

Our capability in embedded software design, development and testing is the key to virtually every segment of this business. We have significant experience in being able to staff up, structure and successfully complete large scale embedded software projects. The resulting systems are efficient, effective and robust due to the talent and experience available in-house and the rigorous incremental integration and test approaches adopted from the outset.

A full range of toolchain, RTOS, networking and system interface components offers a unique rapid starting point for 32-bit processor development and also many of the most successful RTOS product families and Board Support Packages in the market. Our customers can count on us to choose the most appropriate technology to address specific project requirements.

Tracker Technologies has a special role in the development of tracking, navigation and telecommunications technology for the embedded world. We are working with vendors, operators and customers to develop a "Center of Excellence" for the porting and validation of these embedded environments. These environments are the foundations on which the next generation of networked appliance devices will be based, and we are excited to be involved in this program.

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Electronics Fabrication

Short and long term manufacturing support is offered by Tracker Technologies both as a part of an overall project or as a service in its own right. Our manufacturing team can undertake a manufacturing design review, prepare a release package tailored to a number of manufacturing facilities and design and, if necessary, fabricate test jigs. Batch sizes of between fifty and fifty thousand have been supported by our close partnership with suppliers and dedicated manufacturing organizations. Tracker Technologies can also offer fulfillment and batch manufacturing management services where demand is irregular. Warranty and product support arrangements are customized for each specific engagement.

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